Horse Retirement

Horse Retirement

Arondel Equestrian Center’s Premiere Horse Retirement program specializes in high-end care for retired sport horses and companion horses. It is perfect for the horse that needs special hands-on daily care and attention due to age, illness or if they wish to maintain their elite diva status well into their retirement! If you are looking for pasture retirement board, Arondel is not the program for you and your horse.

Our residents live a leisurely life grazing the day away with their horsey friends large grassy fields.  Each horse has their own stall for daily private time to eat and rest as well as protection during inclement weather.  The horses are brought into the barn daily for feeding. This ensures all the horses have the opportunity eat their all their grain and/or supplements without worrying about their neighbor finishing it for them. This is especially important for the senior who may take longer to eat and needs their calories.  The daily handling and care of the horses ensure their health and well being is closely monitored.

Premium Retired Horse Boarding Stall

  • Large well maintained pastures with wood fencing and automatic waterers in most fields
  • Large 11’x14′ matted stalls with an outside window and ability to hang head out into the 20′ wide aisle
  • Beet Pulp (as needed)
  • Tribute feeds fed 2xs daily. Each horse’s dietary needs are evaluated and adjusted accordingly.
  • Soaked feed and/or hay available if needed for dental or dietary restrictions.
  • Administer Owner supplied supplements/daily medication (ie Pracend, Equiox, etc)
  • Quality hay available at all times while in a stall via slow feed hay nets
  • Hay when needed in the pastures
  • Stalls picked daily
  • Salt blocks in the stall and in pastures
  • Automatic fly spray system in the barn
  • Small group turn out with matched temperaments
  • Private turnout available for an additional charge
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Gated entrance with security cameras
  • Owners/operators live on site


CareArondel Horse Retirement Staff

  • Blanket/Fly sheet and fly mask changes as needed
  • Daily fly spray (owner provided)
  • Weekly grooming, baths in summer
  • Minor medical treatment (scratches)
  • Scheduling and holding for vet and farrier
  • Caring knowledgeable staff
  • Regular photo and video updates. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Texting, Email, we’ve got your communications covered! So even if you are out of state, you will feel like you are part of your retired horse’s daily life.
  • Additional services available: body clipping, hacking, extensive wound or health care; ie leg wraps, hoof packing. Please contact us for specialized care options rates.

Tranquil Retirement Location

Arondel is located in Lexington, the Heart of the Kentucky Bluegrass – the horse capital of the world! We feel so blessed to call some of the worlds best farms our neighbors.  We specifically chose the location of our farm because of it’s close proximity to two of the best equine hospitals in the United States.  The health and well being of our equine residents is top priority and in case of an emergency, we are minutes from an equine hospital.

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Equine Retirement Program!

Please note, we offer full care stall board only. We do not offer pasture board or partial care board.

Premium Horse Retirement Farm located in Lexington, Kentucky